I first recognized the unfair privilege I had as a male when I worked for a Fortune 50 enterprise server company and tried promoting my best engineering manager into a director role. Director is one step down from VP – thus one of the top roles in that large company. And one of the reasons I was told that I couldn’t promote this person was because she was a woman. I was shocked and dumbfounded – and fought that to the top. You can read more about what happened in this Medium article.

In addition, as a white male, I benefitted even further in the corporate world with much higher salaries and promotional opportunities than my non-white-male peers. Our societal framework for equity and fairness is broken in many areas – and the only way it will improve is by having people on the privileged side of these prejudices recognize that it’s on us to take action.

When I co-founded the social-mission, women-empowerment company ROAR for Good with my friend and business partner Yasmine Mustafa, our mission was to put ourselves out of business. In other words, we wanted to create a company whose intention was for there no longer to be a need for companies like ours.

And one of the ways we’ll get there is by having men around the world step up and drive change.

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