AD 008 : Tracey Welson-Rossman: Her contributions toward cultivating communities and people

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tracey Welson-Rossman – entrepreneur, executive, and advocate – on my podcast. Tracey has done so much for both the startup scene in Philadelphia as well as inspiring and cultivating young women in tech. Tracey shares her journey and lessons learned along the way.

AD 007 : Nancy Belmont: Her Amazing Mission to Empower and Inspire Others

Nancy Belmont (Personal coach; Courage Wall creator) and Anthony discuss Nancy’s initiatives to touch lives and make a difference.

AD 006 : Elizabeth Galbut: SoGal Ventures, Entrepreneurship, and Women Empowerment – Her Incredible Mission to Make a Difference

Elizabeth Galbut (SoGal Ventures co-founder) and I discuss entrepreneurship, venture capital, women empowerment, gender equality, and startup investing.

In high-school, Elizabeth had perfect math SAT scores. And she was a mathlete. Yet not a single person in her network – including guidance counselors – suggested she pursue a degree in engineering or computer science. Why? Because she was a girl. “Get a business degree,” they said.

It’s an amazing listen where we learn some incredible lessons from Elizabeth, including what she means when she says, “Equal opportunity is not the same thing as 100% equal treatment.”

Elizabeth’s mission to make a difference in the world is extraordinary. Check out the episode and see for yourself.

AD 005 : Diana Lovett and The Chocolate Factory – Lessons Building a Social Mission Chocolate Co.

Diana Lovett, Founder & CEO of Cisse Chocolate, built an extraordinary company – both in its mission and execution. In this episode, Anthony had the pleasure of speaking with Diana and hearing about her experiences, lessons learned, and tips for effectively scaling a business – one whose products you can find on the shelves of huge companies such as Whole Foods, Target, and Wegmans. How she leverages her advisory board is not only unique, but something every startup and emerging growth company should consider.

AD 004 : What Makes You Happy?

It’s the age old question about leading a rewarding life: What makes you happy? In this episode I detail my experiences answering this question and provide a framework for choosing happiness.

AD 003 : Freelancing vs. Full-Time – Which Is Better? A Framework for Choosing

Do you prefer being a full-time employee or working as a freelancer / consultant? Is one a better choice than the other? Which is right for you? Great questions. In this episode, I walk through the differences and what it takes to get started as an independent consultant.

AD 002 : Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

So many accomplished people suffer from the Imposter Syndrome. The good news is that it is fairly easy to overcome. In this episode, Anthony shows you exactly how to do that. First by identifying what it is, and then a four-step process for surmounting the obstacle.

AD 001 : Meaningful Living and Extraordinary Results through the PSI Framework

In this first session of my Anthony’s Desk podcast, I share the background on how I discovered the problem-solution-impact (PSI) framework and the way it has significantly changed lives – including mine.